HFDL Overview


HFDL has been available to the airlines for over a decade and in that time usage has grown by an average of 20 per cent a year.

More than 85 airlines with 2600+ aircraft equipped send 4.8 million messages a month. Growing numbers of new aircraft are being built with HFDL available as an option, and more airlines than ever are specifying it.

Along with VHF and satcoms, HFDL is part of the Rockwell Collins GLOBALink portfolio of services that provides access to industry-standard ACARS air-to-ground data communications. Rockwell Collins ARINC was the first to offer HFDL service, and is still the only provider with global coverage - and that’s one of the great strengths of this technology.

VHF datalink is very effective over line-of-sight ranges in continental airspace. But it’s physically impossible to emplace the relay stations on the oceans or in wildernesses like the poles and Siberia.

Geostationary satellite systems provide round-the-world coverage but can’t reach the poles. Low-Earth-orbit satellites overfly the poles but the system has yet to win broad air transport industry acceptance. Only HFDL can offer a combination of global coverage and a significant installed base.

At a glance - Rockwell Collins ARINC HFDL Provides:


  • 15 stations providing full global coverage including Polar Regions.
  • Delivery of aircraft operational data through AGN ground stations and messaging nodes.
  • Able to display aircraft position reports, airfield and weather information through standard ACARS interface.
  • FANS compliant.
  • Configurable to support both manual and automated messaging.
  • Access to over 3 months of historic messages on request
  • Included as a standard on large number of air frames


  • Standard ACARS interface with service switch that is transparent to the user.


  • 99.9% reliability and unaffected by weather or solar activity through adaptive frequency management
  • 99.9% availability
  • Message assurance on relevant messages through ARINC’s AGN Servers


  • ATC and AOC compatibility through ACARS AEEC standards


  • Reduced or nominal cost if forward fit, no infrastructure or maintenance costs
  • Fully hosted solution managed by Rockwell Collins with no infrastructure costs or licence fees
  • Most modifications can be completed in an overnight stop


  • Common forward fit, use Rockwell Collins existing HFDL network, if installed just needs to be switched on and incorporated into pilot procedures.
  • Most modifications can be completed in an overnight stop


  • AEEC compliant


  • 24/7 helpdesk with international free phone number.    

Why choose Rockwell Collins?

Apart from our history of innovation, industry knowledge and engineering expertise here are some other reasons “Why Rockwell Collins”?

  • We are the only company able to supply quad media i.e. VHF, HF, Satcom and Iridium
  • We are a leading provider of eEnblement technology for Aircraft which includes aircraft communications both ground and air, cabin applications, information management systems and flight operations support
  • Excellent customer service through 24/ 7 support and focused account management
  • Reduced infrastructure and messaging costs giving a standard global delivery rate
  • Clear and comprehensive invoicing so that you know exactly what you are being charged for
  • Fast implementations with an experienced team who keep our customers well informed

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